7 ways for children and teens to manage stress

A healthy amount of short-term stress could help children and teens, like adults, to focus on and reach their goals. However, chronic stress has never been good for anyone. It can lead to long-term mental and physical health problems, including anxiety and depression, as well as high blood pressure, a weaker immune system,

6 diet tips to help you deal with anxiety

If you are supposedly what you eat, why are you not comforted by comfort food? This weird time in the world may be leaving you feeling rather anxious and what you eat can play a part in helping you to deal better and consequently feel better…or not. Here are a few simple diet tips that may help you to feel a little less on edge.

Depression in the workplace

Statistically, depression affects one in every four people in South Africa. That means that the daily lives of more people than we probably expect are affected in varying degrees. Which begs the question: Why is depression still a taboo subject among many, especially in the workplace?