Product Specific Accreditation and Testing

Bestmed is committed to empowering you. As you know, medical schemes make changes to benefit options on an annual basis. Following the Bestmed 2021 Product Launch, our Advisors are requested to undergo training to stay up to date with these and industry changes in order to provide the best advice to clients.

The Board Notice 194 of 2017 prescribes that all new Advisors must receive Product Specific Training prior to giving advice or rendering intermediary services.

To assist you, we offer training and an online test that incorporate both the Accreditation and the Product Specific Test with certification. Bestmed’s accreditation test will remain open until 31 March 2020 for all Advisors who have received our 2021 product training.

Please direct queries or challenges to our Bestmed FAIS Compliance Specialist, Ancin Botes at