Your Health Away From Home

A lot of time and effort goes into planning a vacation but, amidst all the excitement, your health may be the last thing on your mind. However, by getting your medicine in advance and thinking ahead, you can avoid any unnecessary situations while on holiday.

As you may already know, you can claim acute and chronic medication every 24 days with Bestmed. We can also provide you with a supply of medicine in advance if you are:

  • Travelling across the local borders
  • Going overseas
  • Heading out towards a destination where there is no pharmacy in the vicinity, e.g.: the Kruger National Park.

As this is a special authorisation that needs to be loaded on the system, pre-approval is required. You can get this by:

  • Completing the “Application for Medicine-Supply Advance” form, available on our website (
  • Returning the form by email ( or fax Bestmed on 012 472 6760 at least two weeks before you plan on collecting the medicine*.
  • Attaching a copy of your flight ticket, travel documents or accommodation reservations to the application, as well as a copy of the prescription medicine that you need.

Unfortunately, if pre-approval is not granted, no electronic claim will be processed by the pharmacy. Even if you purchase the medicine and try to claim it back it will not be processed without authorisation.

Remember: Pre-ordered medicine can only be given for the current financial year (up to 31 December). This means that if your travels continue after 31 December you’ll have to pay for your medicine for the remaining months.

Put your health, and the well being of your loved ones, first to enjoy more memorable moments while on holiday.

*Bestmed does not accept incomplete or telephonic applications.

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