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Choosing a New Medical Aid Plan Cover for 2020

The festive season is approaching fast and with it comes the New Year’s resolutions that are so notoriously hard to keep. However, the benefits of these life-changing resolutions could help you reach your personal health goals and improve your way of living. Especially when it comes to choosing your health cover in 2020.

You and your family have changing healthcare needs, and it is critical to ensure that your medical aid plan meets your family’s medical and financial needs, and that you are comprehensively covered at all times.

Growing Families

Bestmed has now included maternity benefits in all its scheme options, however, after your baby has arrived, you’ll also have to consider adding your bundle of joy to your healthcare plan. By choosing the right plan for you and your growing family, you’ll have less surprises when it comes to medical bills, vaccinations, doctor’s visits and toddler check-ups. 

Life Happens – We Understand

As a South African, you might be feeling financially squeezed as the cost of living skyrockets and income levels remain constrained. However, depending on your health needs, changing to a lower option that doesn’t cater for all your healthcare needs may not save you any money in the long run. Instead, you might end up paying out of your own pocket for the treatment and medicines that you need.

By following the guidance and advice of a professional healthcare broker and comparing different benefit options, you can ensure that you get the best value from your medical aid option. 

Health on the Horizon

When considering your healthcare needs for the coming year, it’s important to look at the benefits offered by your current cover and the benefits that other option might offer you. If you have gone through a big life event such as a marriage, a new job and, especially if you have any extensive medical procedures planned for the new year it might be in your best interest to upgrade your medical aid option. To ensure that you’re covered for more than just an occasional visit to your local GP, make sure that your option gives you benefits that cover you in the event that you require specialised treatment.

Time for an Upgrade?

If you would like to upgrade your Bestmed scheme option in 2020 to meet your changing healthcare needs, speak to your Broker about getting the best cover for you and your family, or download a membership change form here.

What You Need to Know

All requests for option changes must be sent to Bestmed before 31 December 2019. Should you choose not to change your healthcare cover, you will automatically remain on your option for 2020.

For more information on upgrading your scheme option,including additional options and membership guides,contact us on 086 000 2378 or email service@bestmed.co.za.

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