How rehab can help you

If you’re struggling with substance abuse and/or addiction, you don’t have to struggle alone. Rehabilitation (rehab) centres provide a safe and comfortable environment where multidisciplinary teams are there to help you. They offer holistic treatment programmes that are personalised to meet your needs. Programmes usually include medical and psychiatric evaluation and treatment, medically supervised detoxification (detox) and stabilisation,

Toxic-positivity is a real thing!

Let’s face it, life is not always a walk in the proverbial park. Sometimes it’s hard, frightening and filled with a lot of bad news – need we mention climate change, a global pandemic and the extinction of the humble honeybee. One can understand the need for positivity. But too much of a good thing can end up being a bad thing.

New year, same promise

Many of us hoped that by the time we ushered in the new year COVID-19 would be a thing of the past but unfortunately this is not the case, yet. Spring and summer festivities have left us at the mercy of the second wave and with the virus mutation and the rising numbers, we are just as uncertain about the future now,

5 Mindful habits to fill your stockings with this festive season

Mindfulness is often one of the things that we assume will just happen when the time is right, but that is not that case. Like everything else in life, you have to continuously work on it and make steps towards bettering it until it comes to you as easily as any other habit… Here are a few pointers on how you can practice your mindfulness as the year end approaches.

6 diet tips to help you deal with anxiety

If you are supposedly what you eat, why are you not comforted by comfort food? This weird time in the world may be leaving you feeling rather anxious and what you eat can play a part in helping you to deal better and consequently feel better…or not. Here are a few simple diet tips that may help you to feel a little less on edge.

Wellness from the waist up

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has had a psychological, as well as physical impact on everyone as daily routines and livelihoods have been significantly affected. Stress, anxiety and depression have increased due to insecurity, loneliness and a loss of control. These emotional stresses may impact us physically, often resulting in back and neck pain as symptoms.