Set Your Tempo

At Bestmed you are our top priority – we want to make sure that you’re always maintaining your well-being so you can live a happy, healthy life. That’s why we’ve introduced Tempo to help you move to life’s rhythm.

You have the right to health:

Tempo is a comprehensive wellness programme that takes care of you. There are no additional monthly fees or sign-up costs regardless of whether you are on Beat, Pulse or Pace.

In addition to your annual savings account and day-to-day benefits Tempo offers you three full consultations with a dietician and biokineticist as well as a full nutritional assessment for FREE, saving you up to R4 500 every year.

Get more from Bestmed:

We’ve extended Tempo’s extensive list of benefit to help you and your family (including health dependants) take even better care of yourselves. Now you’ll be able to track your child’s health better and take the necessary steps to address any underlying conditions. These benefits include:

  • Health Risk Assessment (biometric screening and lifestyle questionnaire): These assessments can be done at one of our participating pharmacies or at your work during wellness days (e.g. fun runs and health challenges). All members older than 21 years old must have their HRA done to unlock the benefits.
  • Nutritional assessment: Your family will have access to one nutritional assessment to determine what improvements can be made to your diet. For a list of Bestmed contracted dieticians go to: >wellness program>select dieticians.
  • Fitness assessment: All members and dependants older than 13 will be able to undergo a detailed fitness test at an accredited biokineticist. For a list of BASA-accredited biokineticists go to: >Public>FindBiokineticist.
  • Occupational therapist assessment: Each dependant between 3 and 12 years old will qualify for one complete assessment every year performed by one of the contracted occupational therapists (OT) on the Bestmed network. For a list of Bestmed-contracted OTs go to: >wellness program>select occupational therapists.
  • Baby growth assessments: Children up to 35 months old will also qualify for three consultations at a Bestmed-contracted pharmacy clinic each year. During these consultations your baby’s height, weight and head circumference will be measured to monitor his/her health and development. For a list of Bestmed-contracted pharmacies go to: >wellness program>select pharmacies.
  • Free emergency kit: The first 1 000 members to complete their assessments will receive a complimentary first aid kit.

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