Protected Together: #VaccinesWork

African Vaccination Week is taking place from 20-26 April. The campaign’s slogan, “Vaccinated communities, Healthy communities”, aims to build healthier communities through awareness of the importance and impact of vaccinations.

By galvanising governments, civil society and other partners, the World Health Organisation is working at:

  • Highlighting the need and importance for everyone to get vaccinated and their immunization status throughout their lives, while also receiving other lifesaving interventions.
  • Ensuring full involvement and contribution of all stakeholders so that access to vaccines and other health interventions is provided.
  • Advocating for government and all stakeholders to allocate enough resources to immunization as per Addis Declaration on Immunization (ADI) commitments.

We want to do our part by ensuring that members and their dependants get the protection they need all year round. We offer free immunisations for babies as part of our preventative care benefits to all members. This flu season, members can take the necessary precaution and avoid the flu altogether, or to reduce its severity. Bestmed will fund the cost of a members’ flu vaccine from the Scheme’s risk benefit under preventative care. We encourage members to take advantage of this benefit. Every shot counts.