Partners for Possibility

Leading the Way for Principles and Pupils

Our members’ best interests lie at the heart of everything we do; passion, seamlessness, principles and mutuality are enshrined in our values and they shape our culture.

Our passion for people doesn’t extend only to our members; we are also committed to investing in the community, putting people first and always taking accountability for our actions.

Quality in Education

Partners for Possibility (PfP) is a co-action, co-learning leadership development programme designed to give school principals the tools they need to lead the goal towards quality education for all in South Africa.

The programme aims to inspire, develop and support school principals in under-resourced schools by building innovative partnerships with businesses. Bestmed’s latest partnership was led by our very own Talent Manager, Michelle Ward, who has a real passion for serving people and uplifting the communities around us. 

Partners in Learning

Together with PfP, we have partnered with Mrs. Seemole Matlala from Mamelodi East Pre-Vocational School. Working closely with Mrs. Matlala, we’re developing the leadership qualities and community involvement of more than 330 pupils at the school.

A Driver for Change

On 21 August, our annual Golf Day fundraiser was held with Mamelodi East Pre-Vocational School as the beneficiary of all the proceeds. The day was an exciting experience and a great success. By the end of the day, the school collected more than R35 000 in donations:

  • A cheque of R15 000 from Bestmed
  • A donation from Trevor Myburgh matching ours
  • R5 000 from Warren Gates, Head of Marketing and Distribution of Total Risk Administrators (TRA)
  • Two projectors from Investhouse Financial Group (IFG) and Mediscore

This is the result of a mutually beneficial relationship between Bestmed and PfP with the common goal of uplifting the communities around us and we look forward to making an even greater impact in the future. 

Should you have any questions regarding any of Bestmed’s care initiatives, please contact Michelle Ward at

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