Make the honeymoon phase last

Whether or not you’re married, you’ll inevitably find that after an intense ‘honeymoon period’ in any relationship, things start to cool off a little. It’s perfectly normal – but the challenge now is to stay connected, deepen those bonds, and be the best of friends – without losing the personal connection that drew the two of you together in the first place.

Even in the strongest relationships, life sometimes gets in the way, and it can be all too easy to stop prioritising each other and your relationship. It’s a cliché, but no one ever lamented not spending more time at the office! With a few simple rules, you can help keep things fresh between you and your partner, and keep that honeymoon glow burning for years.

Here are some great ideas to help the two of you connect, and stay connected.

Phone-free time

Ever seen one of those couples who spend all their time together on their phones? Technology can help us connect with people, but it can also be a damaging distraction in a relationship. Agree to have some phone-free time – maybe when you both get home in the evening, switch those devices off for an hour and focus on the person who’s there with you. Or first one to check their phone, does the washing up – or 20 burpees!

Work out together

A joint gym routine, evening walk or trail run can really help you bond. You’ll find you’re more motivated when you exercise with your partner, because as well as achieving your fitness goals, you’ll be spending quality time together. And there’s the challenge of beating them!

Fire up your date nights 

Regular date nights can help, too – but don’t get stuck in a rut. Get out, explore, try new things together and the bond you share will strengthen as you create mutual memories. And date night needn’t be about food. Go and sweat together at the gym, or check out an art gallery or jazz bar.

Say it with words

Lighten the mood by making each other laugh (is there a better sound in the world than the person you love, laughing happily?). Cheeky, flirtatious notes left in surprising places will keep the two of you entertained and looking forward to spending more time together.

Create together

Team up for DIY projects and share the sense of achievement when your child loves their new bedroom. Let your creativity flourish as you bounce ideas off each other.

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