Choosing your health cover

The time to change your medical aid option is here, once again. Bestmed members can amend their medical aid option from 1 December 2019 until 31 December 2019. Here’s what to consider to see if your current option suitable for you and your family in 2020…

  • Is your family growing?
  • Are you or your parents getting older?
  • Did you recently get married?
  • Do you have an extensive medical procedure planned for 2020?
  • Do your children have an extensive medical procedure planned such as braces or corrective eye surgery?
  • Did you exhaust your benefits early in the past year?

Is your child outgrowing your medical aid?

If your child dependent is reaching the threshold for the child dependant rate (21 or 26 if the child is enrolled in a tertiary institution) make sure that they have healthcare cover by registering them as a Bestmed principal member. Bestmed’s Beat range offers affordable medical aid for the young, vibrant and active. Put their lives in Bestmed’s hands, the medical aid that has always been there for them when life happens.

To change your Bestmed medical aid option contact your broker or Bestmed via the Contact Centre on 086 000 2378 or our website at You can download your benefit option change form here. Members who don’t submit an option change form will remain on their current option for the year 2020.

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