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Medical Aid That’s Best For You

Bestmed offers trusted medical aid that speaks to who you are and what you want. We believe in making medical aid personally yours, by providing you with flexible and affordable medical aid options that cater to you and your family. With 13 medical aid plans to choose from, you can tailor your cover to suit your budget and medical needs.

How we can help

Bestmed is a life-long healthcare partner that caters to you at every stage of your life. Our medical aid plans accommodate your current and future medical needs, and so you are able to change between plans over the span of your life. We offer:

  • comprehensive and flexible hospital cover
  • day-to-day savings for out-of-hospital expenses
  • maternity benefits
  • dental benefits
  • oncology benefits
  • optometry benefits
  • disease management programmes
  • an extensive network of expert medical professionals

In addition to our diverse benefits, every Bestmed member has access to our Tempo Wellness Programme which offers you and your family complimentary preventative care benefits to help you manage your health proactively. But life does happen. And when it does, you can depend on us to ease the burden by taking care of your medical needs.

What will it cost?

We offer superior medical cover starting from R1 511 for an individual member, and R3 957 for a family of four.

Why choose us?

  • We are self-administered – more benefits, fewer admin costs
  • We do not have automatic self-payment gaps
  • We offer a personalised experience with two claim payment runs every week
  • We offer free wellness benefits on every plan

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