Bestmed Sets the Tempo for Healthy Productivity

According to recent research by the People Element consultancy, South Africa loses as much as R3 billion a year due to workplace stress, low productivity, absenteeism and other health-related issues. With budgets already under pressure, it’s clear that promoting the physical and mental well-being of employees can impact the bottom line of any business.

Curbing the Costs

When implemented correctly, wellness programmes have been shown to provide employees with incentives, tools, social support, privacy and strategies to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. In addition to increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism, a successful wellness programme can also reduce healthcare costs and health risks, sustain high employee morale and improve recruitment & retention.

The Four Pillars of Wellness

However, when it comes to addressing health-related risks in the workplace, a sustainable change in healthcare is needed. To achieve true ‘wellness’, attention must be given to four core elements that can impact mental and physical health:

  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Stress management

Setting the Tempo at Work

Bestmed’s Tempo is a unique wellness programme that combines all the core principles needed to help increase productivity in the workplace. By using the four pillars of health as its foundation, Bestmed supports its clients by helping employees make wholesome lifestyle choices. This, in turn, helps the business reap the benefits of a healthy workforce.

Tempo incorporates five steps to create a unique, personalised wellness solution that suits Bestmed’s clients and its employees best:

  • Health risk assessment: Each employee can have an extensive needs analysis done on site or at a network pharmacy. This helps determine the employees’ health status and identify the aspects of their wellbeing that could be improved.
  • Health promotion communication plan: A tailor-made plan is structured according to the results of the company’s needs analysis, and continued advice and support is given to help employees make healthier lifestyle choices.
  • Group interventions: Tempo offers a variety of fitness classes, workshops, group sessions and health challenges that encourage employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle – regardless of which medical aid they are on.
  • Individual interventions: Once employees have completed their individual health risk assessment, they will unlock free consultations with both a dietician and biokineticist who will visit the business during office hours. However, only Bestmed members will qualify for these benefits.
  • Assessing the impact: Tempo frequently measures participation of the company’s health interventions and activities in order to ensure the success of the programme.

Champions of Health

In order to further promote healthy living in the corporate environment, Bestmed has introduced an Annual Workplace Wellness Competition. The challenge is open to all of Bestmed’s business clients with a workplace wellness programme in place. Participating companies must also have 10 or more active Bestmed members.

The top-performing employer group or site in this competition will receive R100 000 to donate to a community upliftment project of their choice.

Happy, healthy employees mean a greater quality of life for them, as well as a greater quality of workplace productivity and outcomes. Wellness works… so why not take the first step and talk to us?

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