Benefits In The Palm Of Your Hand

From information on benefits and savings, to claims submission and searching for your nearest doctor or pharmacy, you can do all this and more on the Bestmed app – yet another way we are personally yours.

With the Bestmed app, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Info Feed: View any communications sent to you from Bestmed, at any time.
  • Interactive Membership Card: Email or send all your displayed membership information by tapping the share button.
  • Benefits and Savings: Explore information regarding your savings, benefits, authorisations and claims.
  • Self-Service: Submit claims, request new membership cards, download tax certificates, and more.
  • Network Provider Search: Look for your local and nearest doctors, pharmacies and healthcare providers according to your current address, city or province.
  • Profile: Update and view your contact details.
  • My Wellness Tab: View HRAs and available assessments, as well as biometric readings and other wellness interventions. 

Download the Bestmed app on the Google Play or App Stores and register today.

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