A Taste of Spring

Bestmed’s Tempo Helps Spring-Clean Your Diet

There are few things more comforting than the rich soups, stews, pastas and feel-good desserts that come with winter. But it’s officially spring and with that comes a completely different set of food cravings (salads and smoothies, anybody?). Spring is the perfect time to rethink old eating habits, make healthy food swaps and make a fresh start.

New Season, New Menu

However, creating the perfect eating plan can be challenging; one has to determine what to eat, when to snack and how much food per meal to make. Consulting with a dietician can help maximise the benefits of a spring diet:

  • An expert’s perspective: Dieticians offer a professional, outsider’s approach to nutrition and can help point out what’s working in an eating plan and what’s not.
  • Proven solutions: The internet may be full of diets and tips, but a dietician can offer scientifically proven solutions based on medical benefits. They help save time and money by making sure their patients buy the right foods, the right amounts and the right ingredients to make delicious, healthy combinations.
  • A personalised diet plan: Dieticians base their solutions on their patient’s food preferences, weaknesses, health requirements and fitness routines. By taking all this information into consideration, they can use their expertise to give tailor-made advice to our members.   

Partners in Healthy Living

Whether you want to change your diet to suit your active lifestyle or are just looking to get beach ready, Tempo, our wellness programme, is here to help you  invigorate and develop healthier eating habits.

Tempo, our new wellness programme, gives members aged 18 years or older access to three consultations with a dietician every year. This not only helps members make healthier food choices, it also helps them manage and prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and cholesterol.

In addition to the dietician visits, Tempo also offers:

  • 1 nutritional assessment for the whole family
  • 3 consultations with a biokineticist per member/dependant aged 18 years and older
  • 3 baby growth assessments with a nurse for your baby aged 0–35 months
  • 1 functional assessment with an occupational therapist for your child aged4–12 years
  • 1 fitness assessment with a biokineticist for your child aged 13–18 years
  • Family workshops hosted throughout the year

The programme also includes access to a number of group interventions and group sessions for all ages aimed at encouraging healthier lifestyle choices, as well as maternity benefits to all our expectant members.

Starting Young

Good nutrition and health don’t only affect adults. Teaching children how to make the right lifestyle choices early in life could help them prevent many chronic conditions later on in life. For that reason, we’ve started workshops aimed at dealing with childhood obesity too.

In future – based on the number of young beneficiaries who go for assessments from the start of the programme – interventions aimed at young beneficiaries can be developed and included in the benefit structure.

Healthy Living Should Be Affordable

Living healthily with Bestmed doesn’t mean putting our members’ wallets on a diet. Tempo is available free of charge to all our members – whether they are on Pulse, Beat or Pace. There are no sign-up or joining fees and no monthly payments. The benefits aren’t paid from our members’ annual savings accounts or day-to-day benefits, which means they can save up to R4 500 every year.

Signing Up is Easy

In order to activate Tempo’s benefits, members need to go for a health risk assessment (HRA) at a contracted network pharmacy (Dis-Chem, Clicks, Van Heerden or Alpha Pharm). They can also undergo an HRA at their workplace during a Bestmed wellness day. Once we’ve received the results of the HRA, their Tempo benefits are immediately unlocked.

Start living your best life today with Bestmed’s Tempo.

For more information, send us an email to tempo@bestmed.co.za.

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