A daily 20 minute exercise workout is easier than you think #BeActive

You want to work out more, but where’s the time? Weekdays are full – more than full, thanks! – with work and getting used to the demands of corporate life. Weekends are the only chance you have to get stuff done, whether it’s finding what you need for your first home, watching the game, or seeing your friends. Throw a relationship into the mix too and it’s a wonder anyone has time to eat or sleep! So how do you fit exercise routines into your busy schedule?

An important first step is realising that exercise sessions don’t have to be epic. It’s not like watching a Game of Thrones box set. You can carve 20 minutes for a workout on all but the craziest days – it’s simply a matter of planning.

Twenty minutes to exercise – think about it. That’s the same as maybe three showers. Or the length of time it can take to negotiate those broken robots at that intersection on the way home.

Going into summer, exercise should be a bit easier to comprehend. You can boost your motivation by preparing your workout kit the previous evening – if the first thing you see when you wake up is your gym kit, you’re far more likely to put it on. Download a training soundtrack onto your phone for your run, and prep a breakfast smoothie while you’re making dinner.

You’re also more likely to stick at your daily exercise session if you get friends or co-workers to join you. You worked as a team on that presentation – now work together to achieve something really important.

There are loads of great short exercise routines online to help you get stronger, fitter and even slimmer in just a few minutes a day. Here’s the best bit – once that you’ve mastered the art of cramming more into each day, you’ll find that you’re that much more productive at work. Hello going home earlier, and having more leisure time! A big step towards being happier – you just have to make the plunge, and do that first lunge!

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